Give your sales teams the power to score more wins. EZ-Sell allows tracking of Sales funnel stages through sharper focus to achieve business goals & productivity and drive consistent sales. Stay updated on the business prospects in every stage and track deals required to meet goals.


The art of selling relies majorly on connections. Eazesell provides smart features to build and maintain your relationships with your accounts.


Leads when correctly organised, allow you to manage them effectively. Eazesell lets you follow-up with your leads in a timely manner helping in a quicker conversion rate.


Maintain a complete view of your customers, including their activity history, key contacts & customer communications.

Meetings & Call Logs

Schedule meetings and maintain call logs related to your sales smartly and swiftly.

Sales Pipeline

Sales pipeline gives an accurate and realistic account of projects in progress , showing its various stages of completion . Take your leads forward along with the progress you make.