Schedule multiple projects, assign tasks, track timelines, and monitor progress through one single interface. EZ-Plan helps keep teams and tasks aligned to the same goal, providing workload details and defining priorities better.


Smart work

Create a smart workspace by managing tasks and projects with complete transparency.


Easily assign tasks to various users relevant to your project, such that each team member’s work is clearly defined.


Gain complete control of your team by choosing to grant access privileges to the users, ensuring that the right information is viewed by the right people.

Share files

Attach files easily from your computer, Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive to any Task for easy sharing.


Tasks can be made using Mail or Chat.

Due dates and times And tags

Make sure all your tasks are completed in a timely manner using due date/time alerts and tags.


Powerful search helps you find the work you need quickly.

Task States

States refers to “working state”, “open state”, “completed state” etc. States help to track the task progress which is configurable as per the project functioning.

Hierarchy of Tasks

A Task is maintained in a hierarchical manner i.e. A Section is created in which a relevant Task is created and can be sub divided into subtasks for efficient task management.