There is lot that can be done with your mail when it is integrated to contacts, calendar, to-do, etc., and most mailing platforms offer a combination of these to make working more integrated. EZ-Mail further enables it to be unified with your more-in-use tools like chat & data drive


File Storage

Eazespot gives you 2GB (expandable) storage for your files.

Mobile Service

Access your emails on the go – on your mobile phone or tablet.

Privacy Guaranteed

We at Eazespot value user data and privacy.

Client Support

Eazespot supports an entire array of clients such as Apple mail ,Outlook, Windows mail, Gmail, Android & ios.


Choose to read your emails at a later time using Ez snoozing, make a task out of your email, or mark your calendar with the email using our smart tagging feature.


Eazespot’s inbuilt search engine helps you to search just about any file from anywhere in Eazespot.