Stay Connected, Always!

Collaborate and communicate effectively through Emails, Chats, Shared Drive

Win Business, Always!

Track and manage Sales funnel stages to achieve business goals & productivity

Deliver On-time, Always!

Plan and control multiple Projects, Tasks, Schedules efficiently

EAZESPOT - Effortless Working

A Unified Single interface for enhancing your workplace productivity.

Eazespot is a single window interface, which integrates communication and collaborative tools like email, task, chats, calendar, sales pipeline management and data drive, eliminating the need to work on multiple platforms.


Your single view daily organizer for Follow-ups, Meetings, To-do/Notes, Mails, Chats and more for the day


Search across Chats, Mails, Drive, Tasks and Calendar for a single unified result


Tag your Mails, Chats, To-do/Notes, Tasks and Meetings for easy follow-up on specific date and time


Organise your Files/Data, Mails, Chats, To-do/Notes, Tasks and Meetings into automatically configured Folders in the drive

Eazespot is exactly what you need