Save and share relevant data and files with functional teams, groups, project teams, to keep them updated real-time on the stage of critical document – preparation, drafts, submissions, approvals, and final execution.


Storage (15GB)

Ez storage combines Drive and Mail, which allows you to store files, save email attachments and backup your files directly to the drive. Larger storage plans are also available.

All file Keeper

The all file keeper allows you to save & store multiple kinds of files safely in the drive- Photos, videos, PDFs & Microsoft Office files.

Share files and folders

Share files and folders efficiently by quickly inviting others to view, download & collaborate on your files without any email attachment.

Safe & Secure

Your file security is of utmost importance. The storage drive is encrypted using SSL, the same security protocol used on EzMail & EzChat. Now no matter what happens to your smartphone,tablet or PC- your files remain safe.

Automatically organized files

Every project has a specific folder, all files get organized in that folder, regardless of where you share them .

Work Simultaneously with other Apps- EZ draft & Ez Cell

There's no need to transfer your files to other applications before starting your work- simply access them on EZ draft & EZ cell.