Chat is a common communication platform but lacks integration with the regular communication tools like mail & its components like contacts, calendar, to-do, etc. EZ-Chat speaks to your mail, data drive, tasks, sales pipeline, and presents unique opportunity to collaborate with individuals, teams, groups and clients.

RealTime Chat

Ez chat allows quick & efficient communication with all your colleagues in real time.

Group Chat

Form a group on eazechat to share your thoughts with multiple colleagues.

Direct Chat

Direct chat enables safe and secure conversations with individual users.

File Sharing

Easily share files and documents from your PC, Dropbox,or Google drive on group or direct chat.

Create Task from chat

Our highly intuitive, machine led algorithm automatically detects the purpose of your chat message and creates a task out of it.


Eazetalk integrates with the services your team uses every day. Get notifications and stay up-to-date with services like slack, Bitbucket, GitHub, Asana, Google, dropbox and much more.