About Us

At Eazespot, our mission is to transform your business and a difference in how you manage your daily professional life.

With multi-functional teams, large scattered data, concurrent projects & tasks, meeting over-runs, multiple communication & information tools, you are hardly left with any personal time, and the day ends in stress.

Eazespot integrates all your Business Communication, Growth and Advancement needs, into one single unified platform which helps plan, manage, collaborate, control, track, monitor and grow your business more effectively and efficiently.

Business teams are able to do more in less time, become more productive, sell more and deliver higher value to clients. You get more time out of your busy schedule – and hence create more value. Because Time Matters!

Why Choose Us

User friendly tools

Eazespot combines the power of multiple platforms and tools into a single user-friendly Interface. The modules in the tool are deeply integrated, so that you don’t feel the switch.

Meaningful insights & reports

Data in Eazespot comes alive with its meaningful reports and insights, that give analysis of the past and predictions for future.

24 X 7 support

Whenever you need any assistance, we are available 24 x 7 through online support, which is one of the best in the industry.


Data from all possible platforms can be seamlessly migrated to Eazespot, making it an acceptable and adaptable tool for any business with any complexity.

Experienced team

Eazespot team comes with the best-in-class technology and management background – with a combined experience over 3 decades of the founding team.

Cutting-edge innovation

Eazespot has been built like a fortress in terms of security. The user interface is simple yet powerful to make you use it blindfolded.